What is a Stormwater Management Plan?

One of the biggest issues associated with housing developments and activities moving into natural areas is the management of runoff waters. That is because excess water flowing through undeveloped land is usually absorbed into the soil. When impervious materials like concrete, cement and asphalt are introduced into the environment in parking lots, house foundations and new buildings, water cannot infiltrate back into the soil and runs off, creating potentially damaging flooding.

Usually this flooding is the result of precipitation or snow/ice melting. If the water does not soak back into the ground, it either evaporates or it runs off into other land areas or into streams, rivers or other bodies of water. This can cause erosion and pollution. The first run-off of a storm is called the “first flush.” The water picks up pollutants from the ground and delivers them to nearby stream or other bodies of water. In homes, the result can be basement flooding and sewer backup. Besides ruining furniture and carpets and damaging walls and foundations, consistent flooding can cause mold growth and other issues that affect health for homeowners.

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