Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

30 Oct 2019 | |

In case of an injury in an accident, you will expect your insurance company to act fairly. But in most cases, insurance companies settle these issues fairly only when you hire a personally injury lawyer. Your insurance company is a large corporation, and it will try to take advantage if you do not have a lawyer. Without any legal help, you may end up receiving less compensation. In this post, we are going to show you some strong reasons why you should hire a lawyer when you are injured in an accident.


A personal injury lawyer can help you understand legal matters, and show you what options you have. With the help of a lawyer, you can clearly understand the available remedies. It also helps you accurately determine the worth of your case. You will find it easy to assess your injuries. With related knowledge and experience, a lawyer will clarify many things to you.

A lawyer can also help you with some non-legal matters. By conducting searches of business name, corporate and property, a personal injury lawyer will identify the factors that harmed you. Without the help of a personal lawyer, you may not find it very easy to obtain police records.

Yes, you can find important information online, but verification of the information is of utmost importance when it comes to legal matters. Besides, laws are not static; they change frequently. That is why the information you have obtained may be outdated. Like all other cases, your case is unique. Online articles may not provide enough information about your particular case. Your case has special characteristics, and they will determine how you receive compensation. A lawyer who specialises in this particular field will better understand these issues and thus help you figure out what you should do to prove and claim your losses.

Fair representation

Even if you know the laws of Australia, it will not be very easy for you to access your rights, and insurance companies know this fact. The companies have vast resources and experienced lawyers, and they can easily do something that goes against you. A personal injury lawyer such as the lawyers found on this website can represent you fairly and that can increase your chances of receiving compensation. When you have a lawyer on your side, you feel confident and everything goes smoothly.

Expanding your rights

Many people feel overwhelmed after an accident, and can not decide what to do. Insurance companies try to benefit from this situation. They agree to provide compensation, but the amount is often less than the victims deserve.

If you have an accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer is one of the best things you can do. He or she will make it easy for you to navigate the claims process. You will learn how to deny the initial offer of your insurer, and you will learn how to deal with an insurance adjuster. For additional compensation, you will file a lawsuit. You will be able to weigh all your options and make an informed decision.  

Negotiation skills

In order to receive a fair compensation, you must know the ins and outs of personal injury laws in Australia. But it is understandable that you do not know a lot about these laws. In this case, you may end up settling on a lower compensation, because you do not know how to negotiate in the right way. In such a situation, a personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurers on your behalf. The lawyer will advocate for your interests in try to make things work for you.

Accidents lead to suffering, but your insurance can play a big role in reducing the gravity of that suffering. If you or your love ones fall a victim to someone else's medical negligence then you should click here to find representation from a professional medical negligence lawyer. This will help ensure that you receive the compensation that  you deserve.

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How to Choose the Right Truck Cab Air Conditioning

For truck drivers, it is important to ensure a comfortable environment inside the truck cabin. And choosing the right air conditioning compressor is of utmost importance to ensure safety and comfort. Air conditioning compressors are mainly of two types. In this post, we will help you choose the right type of compressor.

The compressor is located inside the air conditioning unit. The compressor compresses the refrigerant when it enters the machine to increase its temperature. The hot gas enters the condenser and then the cooling process begins. Although all compressors do the same thing, they work in different ways.

The two main types of air conditioning compressors are CCI style compressors and Sanden style compressors. The former is also known as Tecumseh. They are also called reciprocating style compressors. The second type is also known as rotary types of compressors.

The basics of CCI air conditioning compressors

Commercial trucks commonly use CCI air conditioning compressors. These compressors have an ID tag. The part number, which is labeled as “PT”, is in the middle line. The features of the compressor are represented by the part number. There is a sophisticated way to decipher the part number. For example, if the number is ET210L-25150, you should decipher it in the following way:

  • E - Means equipment grade
  • T - Represents hose connections
  • 2 – Is the number of cylinders
  • 10 – The displacement is 10 cubic inches
  • L – Represents left hand suction
  • 25150 – Is the part number

To find the right replacement CCI compressor, first you have to locate the ID tag. If the brand has a customer service, you can contact them. They will help you find your compressor by decoding the tag. Every year, the companies prepare application catalogues that contain important data on different type of truck applications and model. However, before you contact the customer service, you should try to decode the tag.

Most trucks use CCI air conditioning compressors, and there is a great chance that your vehicle uses this type of compressor. That is why you should know at least about this type of compressors. If something goes wrong, you will not feel overwhelmed, and hopefully you will be able to figure out what to do.

There are some generic compressors that do not use the ID tag; they have a label. Typically, you will find this label on the back of the compressor. You can decipher the label in the same way as you decipher the ID tag.

In Australia, there are many types of air conditioning compressors. In this post we are only discussing two types of air conditioning compressors. If you want to learn more about truck air conditioners before making your decision then you should visit this website to understand more about fitting your truck sleeper cab with air conditioning.

The basics of Sanden style air conditioning compressors

Many commercial trucks use these air conditioning compressors. They are highly popular. These compressors have many variables, such as different mounting configurations. To determine the right compressor, you should reference the label for specific application.

On a Sanden style air conditioning compressor, you will find a tag containing the key information about the compressor. The information include

  • Lubricant type
  • Refrigerant type
  • Model number
  • Lubricant amount

To find the right replacement, you have to locate the label and find the model number. Using this number, you can search the website of the product. For assistance, you can also call the customer service team. They will help you by looking at the application catalogues that contain important data. But, before you contact them, you can find the model number.