Even though washing our clothes by hand may save ourselves the most energy, it’s not ideal for our modern era. Whether you are washing your clothes at home, or run a laundromat business, here are our top tips and tricks on saving money on your next electric bill.


Update Your Equipment


1. Purchase An Up-To-Date Machine

In case you don’t currently own a certified washing machine, it may be time to purchase one for yourself or your business. By choosing the best water efficient washing machine, you can save nearly 8 gallons of water per use. These savings can even amount up to $25 per year for every machine you own.


2. Purchase A Font-Load Specific Washing Machine

Buying you or your business a front-loading washing machine can seriously help you reduce your heating and water costs since they use much less water than top-load washing machines.


3. Buy Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heaters

An energy-efficient water heater can help you save money every month. Plus, the purchase may qualify you for a variety of discounts for solar or tankless units for your home or business. Check with your local energy suppliers to see how much you can save.


4. Improve Your Hot Water Tank’s Insulation and Turn Down its Temperature

If you notice that your hot water tank is costing you in energy bills, it might be smart to improve its insulation to have it function more effectively. Additionally, turning down your hot water tank’s temperature below 120 degrees can also help you save money.


Washing Tips


5. Use Cold Water More Often

Instead of using hot water, switch to cold water. According to a washing machine water usage comparison, you can save up to 90 percent on your energy bill. Plus, making the switch can save nearly enough energy to run your house for a full week. Not to mention, cold washing your clothes can reduce wrinkles, remove stains, and brighten colors.


6. Load Up Your Washer or Dryer Before Using

No matter how many clothes you have in your wash or dryer, it will always use the same amount of energy. Load up your machines as much as you can to prevent overusing electricity for half full loads.


7. Optimize Energy Saving Options

When using your washer or dryer, optimize your energy saving options. For example, choose a high spin option for faster drying times and don’t wash your items longer than what’s required. Believe it or not, some things only need to be washed for 10 minutes or less.


8. Opt Out Of Extra Rinse Cycles

Even though the majority of washing machines have extra rinse cycles, you can opt out of this cycle to help save water and electricity.


Drying Tips


9. Always Clean the Lint Filter

After each load, clean out the lint filter. This will boost air circulation and reduce drying times.


10. Optimize Your Settings

Using the correct settings can help you to save energy. For your delicates, choose a low temperature. For most other laundry, select medium. Opt in for auto-dry instead of timed dry. This will prevent over-drying, shrinking, static electricity, and wear.


11. Keep the Room Warm

If you can, put your dryer in a warm room, rather than a cold basement. With warmer air entering your dryer, it will require less energy to heat up.


12. Choose Gas

When picking out your dryer, choose an energy-efficient one like this Electrolux gas dryer which saves between $75 to $100 per week.


13. Dry Faster

You can dry your clothes faster by tossing a dry towel or tennis ball in the dryer with your wet laundry. A towel can help to absorb the extra moisture. A tennis ball, on the other hand, can help the air to circulate more freely between your clothes.


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