Daily Intakes

What are daily intakes?

Daily Intakes (DI) are a guide to adequate intake levels of energy and nutrients required to meet the needs of the average adult diet.

 Understanding your energy needs.

DI values are based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ although an individual’s daily intake may be higher or lower depending on the energy needs which vary from person to person. Energy needs also vary depending on a person’s gender, age, weight and activity levels.

If you are inactive, your %DI needs for energy are likely to be lower (less than 8700kJ) and you may wish to choose a lower kilojoule drink such as ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ which has that same great ‘Coke’ taste but contributes less energy to your total diet, and therefore has a lower %DI for energy. If you are active however, a drink with a higher energy content and therefore higher %DI for energy may fit within your daily energy needs. Remember children and inactive people are likely to have lower energy requirements.