A clean home is a happy home. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly cleaned room. Crisp furniture, dusted shelves, and a shiny floor make any homeowner happy. Unfortunately, many homeowners pay a price for a home this clean. To have shiny floors means that your floors are kept clean. However, it is possible to keep your tiled, hardwood, epoxy flooring, and polished concrete floors clean without increasing your water bill. Just follow these few simple tricks.

Don’t rinse with running water.

The most obvious way to cut on water usage while cleaning your floors is to stop your faucet from running continuously. Sure, you could only turn the faucet on when you need to wet your rag or mop. However, the best way to cut down on usage is to simply fill a bucket with water. Of course, this idea may seem obvious, but sometimes it is easy to miss simple ideas. If so, no need to worry – just grab that bucket next time!=

On that note, can you just skip the rinse?

Does your floor cleaning routine actually need a rinse? Make sure to read the bottle of any cleaning supplies you use. Some supplies actually do not need any rinse or water added.

Most importantly, can your floors be cleaned with a simple sweep of the broom? This will not only save on water usage, but you will also save money on less wear and tear on your broom and using fewer cleaning supplies.

Clean your floor less often.

No, this does not mean that you need to live on dirty floors. But, as mentioned above, sometimes all your floors need are a good sweeping. In fact, you may be surprised how much less scrubbing you will need to do if you simply sweep on a regular basis. This will save you big money and time in the long run.

Consider a floor coating or concrete polishing.

Want to know a great way to keep your floors looking fresh with even fewer cleanings? Consider using an epoxy flooring to keep your floor looking shiny. The floor will actually look cleaner longer. Another option is concrete polishing. In fact, your polished concrete floors will look great even after a simple sweep because they already have a natural shine.

Reuse water.

No one wants to clean with dirty water. However, you may have access to used water that is clean enough to use on your floors. For example, captured rain water can be a great way to clean you floor and recycle water at the same time. Another option is to use water from your hose, since this water is less treated that your drinking water.

Start away from the drain.

Are you cleaning a floor in a room with a drain? If so, clean farthest away from the drain first. That way, as water runs towards the drain, you can reuse it.

This post comes from our friends at Gretams Property Services, a professional cleaning service based in Brisbane.

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