When it comes to modern offices, people are going green. Commercial cleaning services are looking for better alternatives to harsh solutions and many restrooms are switching away from antibacterial soaps.
Whether you’re looking to reduce your office cleaning to hot soap and water, or go even a step beyond that, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to keep your workplace clean, but it’s also important to think of the effects of the methods employed to do so.
All Natural Cleaning Solutions
There was a time when bleach was extremely popular. It’s great for killing germs, but it’s also bad for your skin and just about everything else.
For this reason, using vinegar and water is a better alternative for office cleaning. In fact, there are many commercial cleaning businesses opting toward such choices for the benefit of their clients and themselves.
Employ Counteractive Green Energy Solutions
Regardless of how hard we try, we will be burning energy in order to clean. Hot water requires fuel as does the use of a vacuum cleaner. To counteract the environmental effects, companies can engage in unique green alternatives.
One example is that of Kleer-Fax, Inc., a factory in New York that has become certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a organization that ensures consumers that their paper products are ethically sourced.
Other companies are partnering with businesses like SunRay Power Management, a green energy company that rents people’s roofs and outfits them with solar technology. The building uses much less raw energy, the company makes additional revenue from the rent, and SunRay makes money by putting power back into the grid.
By implementing the unique certification of the FSC and/or SunRay’s profitable energy alternative, businesses can go beyond green cleaning and reverse the effects of any power being used.
Waste not, Want not
Lastly, it is important to consider that in cleaning there is a lot of waste. Businesses can do well to use less paper towels by using washable cloths for dusting and cleaning. They can also use more efficient HEPA filter vacuum bags to prevent dust from spreading, reducing the amount of cleaning needed.
Eco friendly cleaning can improve the quality of an office’s atmosphere, but it can also complement a company’s reputation, as seen with Kleer-Fax’s FSC certification, as well as its bottom line, such as when they rent their roof toSunRay Power Management.
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